Diversity and Inclusion


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We Value Diversity and Demand Inclusion

What if your workplace were as diverse as your community? What if every employee’s opinions were heard and valued? 

At St. Jude Medical, we continually challenge ourselves to realize our diversity and inclusion goals. We believe that a diverse workforce is a catalyst for innovation, helping us fulfill our mission to create cost-effective technologies that save and improve lives.

What is diversity?

We define diversity as a blend of organizational and human characteristics, experiences, skills and traditions. This includes underrepresented ethnic and minority groups and people with disabilities, and we also recognize diversity in the following areas:

  • Location: Our operations are worldwide, so we have employees at sites across the globe.  While we got our start in North America, we now have a significant presence in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America, with thousands of employees around the globe. In a complex world, all play a role in our future success.
  • Age: We value the diverse perspectives of employees across all generations. With both new and experienced employees spanning a wide age range, our workforce is about one third young professionals (in their 30s) and a quarter Generation X (in their 40s).
  • Gender: Almost half of our employees are women. Women hold important roles on our executive team and a quarter of our board of directors, positioning us as an industry leader.
  • Role: Half of our employees are in professional roles, and production employees make up the next-largest group. All contribute toward our mission. 

What is inclusion?

We define inclusion as a workplace environment where everyone has a sense of belonging. We value the individual experience, allowing everyone to do his or her best work and thrive. Our vision is to leverage each employee’s talents and skills to create a sustained competitive business advantage. 

St. Jude Medical core values—using imagination, working with passion, leading with character and bringing different perspectives—set the foundation for the work we do every day. Listening to and respecting the ideas of others, encouraging one another, working as a team and acting with integrity are just some of the ways we live these values.


St. Jude Medical has been and will continue to be an equal opportunity employer. Read our Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.