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Our Quality Engineering Rotation and Technical Sales Specialists—Participant Perspectives

We value the significant contributions that the participants in our Quality Engineering Rotation and Technical Sales Specialist programs make to St. Jude Medical. Read what the experience has meant to two of our recent participants.

Tiffany Yan, Quality Engineering Rotation Program, Plymouth, Minnesota

Tiffany began her career with St. Jude Medical in May 2014 after graduating from Georgia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. “I still remember what it was like to apply to several jobs, wait for offers and look for the one opportunity that was the best fit for me,” she recalled. Once she learned about the Quality Engineering Rotation Program at St. Jude Medical, however, she understood the valuable experience that a rotation program could offer.

Her first rotation started in Plano, TX, where she worked in the fast-paced environment of operations quality control. “It was my job to run manufacturing lines across our neuromodulation products,” she said, “and to make sure that each product met the specifications of our customers.” After spending a year in Texas, she moved on to her next rotation in Sylmar, CA, where she worked on development quality with the research and development team. “My responsibility was to make sure the design outputs of the company’s cardiac rhythm management division met the design inputs,” she said. She then went on to work on her final year-long rotation in supplier quality and quality systems in Plymouth, MN.

“There is no way I would have gained this much experience across all aspects of quality engineering if it were not for QERP. The program allowed me to work with multiple teams, on several products lines, in all areas of quality,” she said. Thinking back on all of her moves, she commented, “Sure; it can be difficult having to pack up and move every twelve months, but I get to explore all areas of quality engineering before committing to a life-long career path. That alone is a huge benefit right out of college.”

And that’s not the only benefit. Tiffany said, “No one chooses engineering because it’s easy; we engineers like a challenge. So it has been an amazing experience to take part in the challenger spirit at St. Jude Medical by asking ‘Why not?’ to solve problems in medicine.”

She went on to say, “I’m keeping an open mind about where I want my career to go when the three-year program ends. With the network and exposure I have gained, I will certainly have several options.”


Berkley Sullivan, Technical Sales Specialist—Electrophysiology, Houston, Texas

Berkley first heard of St. Jude Medical through a friend and fellow biomedical engineering graduate from her alma mater, Vanderbilt University. Similar to many students who were approaching graduation, she was reaching out to learn about potential job opportunities. “I told my friend I was searching for a job that met three requirements: I could use my biomedical engineering degree, interact with people on a daily basis and do something that makes a difference in the world,” she said.

That’s when she found out about the Technical Sales Specialist Program at St. Jude Medical. “My friend thought that I would be a great fit for the program,” she said. Once she learned more at an information session, she realized that she had finally found her dream job.

“It’s hard to believe I’ve been with the company for almost a year now,” she said. “Each day I split my time between the cath lab, assisting doctors as they implant pacemakers and defibrillators, and in the clinic, checking patients’ heart devices.” A few nights a week, Berkley participates in educational events for the electrophysiology (EP) fellows at the medical center where she works. “It’s great to work in an intellectually stimulating environment, where the people around me truly care about my learning and progress,” she said.

For Berkley, the best part about St. Jude Medical is the people. “Not only are my coworkers hardworking and brilliant individuals whom I learn from every day,” she said, “but we also have fun and have become fast friends. I also get to work with physicians, nurses and fellows who have welcomed me like family.” The camaraderie has helped her understand that what she has found at St. Jude Medical is not just a job, but what could be a fulfilling life-long career. “What sets St. Jude Medical apart is the people. Every day I work with genuine people who share my values and want to make difference.”