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Position Yourself to Succeed: Resume Tips

Your resume is your first opportunity to sell yourself. The goal is to get your foot in the door, so in this self-promotional document—a summary of your skills and experiences—you should clearly tell your story. That said, it is not your life history. Stay on point and be direct and concise. 

Good resumes include:

  • A purpose or objective that is targeted to either a specific position or your desired career objective 
  • Keywords, especially at the beginning of the document
  • A clear, chronological work history 
  • Concise but specific on-the-job accomplishments, with a detailed summary of your skills 
  • Action words that describe your accomplishments (transformed, reduced, enhanced)
  • Education and job-related training, identifying degrees or certificates received
  • (For recent graduates) School, lab work or research projects, including job duties for any summer internships or co-op experiences 
  • Current contact information, including an e-mail address 
  • Consistent use of fonts, font sizes, bullets and other formatting options

Avoid the following on your resume:

  • Personal information such as a photo, education dates, religion, birth date, marital status, race or ethnicity 
  • False, misrepresented or exaggerated information
  • Lists of hobbies, unless they are specifically related to your work
  • Typos and grammatical errors